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I am a theater historian and theorist primarily examining the connections between performance and communication practices (communication technologies as used and organized in society). Cognitive science and Peircean semiotics play significant roles in my understanding of these connections. Critical realist philosophy underpins both my historiography and my definition of theater as distinct from other types of performance. My book Theatre, Communication, Critical Realism (a Choice “Highly Recommended” title) provides the subtitle to this blog. I am the General Editor (as well as a co-author) of the 3rd edition and the forthcoming 4th edition of the textbook Theatre Histories: An Introduction (Routledge, 2016). I am currently writing a book on what online role-playing reveals about the definition of theater.


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This blog is meant to provide me with opportunities to explore ideas and questions, and discuss them with anyone interested.  Nothing here should be considered a final statement of my thoughts or analyses.

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